Feb. 17th, 2011

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Yes I know this is very rare for me, but I'll try and make it short and sweet :)

1) MARSCON!!!!
Yes, I have a concert at MarsCon... sorta. It's actually on an event called "Party Rob's Party Bus". What that means is a bus will circle the I-494/694 beltway 4 times. Each time is a separate trip with different performers. I will be on the second of these trips, performing in a set with Gifted Gear and Beth Kinderman! Here's more information about that, and how you can help out the dementia track at the same time!

This is IN ADDITION to my duties as host of the Dementia Fan Showcase, where anyone can drop by and show us your demented selves! Unleash your inner Weird Al, and have the room wondering "Could It Be You?" to be the next big sensation! ;) Also, the Fan Showcase starts 30 minutes EARLIER this year to accommodate the earlier Sunday concert starting time, so the DFS this year will start at 10:30 AM! Don't forget! :)

"Revenge" will also air live from the hotel lobby and the hotel restaurant on Friday afternoon 4p-7p CT!

I will also have a song in the Dementia Smackdown. I'm still working on the backing track as I need to coordinate this with a 3rd party. This will be a SURPRISE track, and a cover I have never performed at MarsCon before.

Go to the dementia track links to see all the talented acts that will be performing, including Music GoH WORM QUARTET! Be there, because....


Set the scene: It's the present day, you're at the club just chillin, listening to the DJ pump beats of current and semi-current hits, and then it happens...


The opening beats trigger something inside you, and suddenly in your head it's the winter of 1990/91 all over again! Just like back then, the music takes you and you HAVE to move! You have no choice! It's time to dance! "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!!"

Except, it's been 20 years...

You're about 40 years old...

This song could end your life!

But somehow you don't care. Or do you?


Yes, that's what my new parody is about, and yes technically it's a demo version because I would LOVE for someone to do the screamy Martha Wash parts, but I wanted to at least get *something* out before MarsCon, and the idea and concept of this song was just too good to leave unproduced IMHO. If you can sound close to Martha Wash, and are interested in a collaboration (you'd get a "featuring" credit on the final version of the song), let me know. Thanks! :)

Sorry, no new album this year, but I am still working on making my stuff available on the Mad Music Archive, so keep a watch for that! "Fair Use" and "Could It Be You?" are my biggest hits to date (the latter *just* hit "The 20 Club" in the DT20 this weekend, my second song to do such) and I'm starting to wonder if I'd be better served by putting out 2 or 3 blockbusters a year rather than an album of mostly mediocre (and sometimes rushed, I'll admit) stuff. I'll simply put out a new album when I have 13 singles to lump together and keep it at that.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you at MarsCon! :)


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