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Got up at 6:30am. [livejournal.com profile] invader_tak_1, myself, and our roomie Donna got to the polling place right away and the line was almost to the street. Keep in mind we got there just as polls were about to open at 7am.

I was not yet registered at my current address, so I had to bring my ID and my AT&T bill, but got registered just fine.

PAPER BALLOTS!! YAY!! Hennepin County doesn't have the infernal machines, though I heard that Ramsey County did. Any Ramsey-ites want to confirm or deny that? Just curious.

Voted a straight Democrat ticket this time. The Libertarian Party (which I voted for in 2000 and 2004) decided inexplicably to run a right-winged nutjob this year -.- My vote was NOT for Bob Barr. My vote was for acceptance (as opposed to merely 'tolerance')! change! hope! OBAMA!!! :)

All the major polls, including FOX NEWS and KARL ROVE's own data, predict a major Obama win. We'll see in 12 hours.

And yeah I'm sure in the long run, things will change very slowly, but at least Obama and a Dem Congress can start the ball rolling on it. Things were pretty sweet in this country the last time we had a Dem President and Dem Congress (1993-95)

As an aside, I also hope the Democrats will take a hint and remove neocon Nancy Pelosi as Speaker come January 2009. She does not do the party as a whole any favors (being for the war in Iraq and for subsidy of the apartheid state of Israel), and from what I've been reading, independant Cindy Sheehan (one of her rivals for her House seat) is giving her a run for her money. Yes, THAT Cindy Sheehan, the one who went to Texas and picketed near the Bush ranch and didn't care about getting unConstitutionally arrested!! If I lived in her CA district I'd vote for her!


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