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I just finished reading a discussion on Slashdot regarding voting third-party, how you should vote your conscience and not just settle for 'the lesser of two evils'.

Problem right now is: doing just that is very dangerous in a world where one of the major parties has gone batshit insane.

Yes, the GOP is the party of the batshit insane right now. There's no getting around that fact. The people left in the race on that side include:

NEWT GINGRICH - Who keeps talking about the 'sanctity of marriage' when he's been known to throw away wives out of convenience, like when he infamously divorced one wife while she was DYING IN THE HOSPITAL!

RON PAUL - who seemed like a ray of light in the party back in 2008, but we know more about him now, and about his sexist, racist beliefs. That's not what we want in a President.

RICK SANTORUM - The nuttiest of the bunch, who for all intents and purposes would institute a Judeo-Christian theocracy if he had his way.

MITT ROMNEY - The corporate shill of the group. The least nutty of them, but that's not saying much. The man who signed what we now know as "Obamacare" into law in Massachusetts, but is now speaking against it. Imagine that.

And on the Democrat side we have Barack Obama. Yeah, he wasn't quite the hope beacon he campaigned as, and he signed the law that (technically anyway) allows KGB-style "diappearances", but on his watch, Bin Laden is no longer a threat, Gathafi is no longer a threat, we're out of Iraq, we're likely soon to be out of Afghanistan, and he signed a tax raise on the rich.

I'm sure some of the more centrist or conservative people on my LJ or FB can think of other bad stuff Obama did too...but is it really worse than what's on the GOP's current platform?

I'm tangenting, I know...back to the main point.

The fact of the matter is, the liberals and progressives need to unite on a common party right now, more than ever.

In a strictly 2-party race, progressives will overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

The smartest people of this country tend to be progressive.

Progressives will be the ONLY ones to even CONSIDER a third-party.

The way society is right now, there is no way the average person will consider a third-party, no matter how much you talk to them, no matter how much you cajole to them. All the average person cares about in society is what's "popular", and unless the candidate has a "D" or "R" after their name, the candidate doesn't show up on the average person's television-infused, pop-culture-surfing, mainstream-media watching/reading radar.

This is why most third parties tend to only take votes away form the Democrats.
The only exception is when there's a third party that's even more batshit insane than the GOP, and that's not happening this year. The GOP has now *become* that further-right party. The GOP is the party of "don't think, let Jesus think for you" now, and there's no way anyone in that camp would EVER vote for a Democrat, or even a sensible third party. They're simply too stupid to see beyond their religion and Fox News. Yeah, I went there.

So trust me, as much as I would LOVE to vote for Roseanne Barr (yes, she's running on a progressive pro-feminist liberal platform), I can't. This is not the time for third parties right now. The time will come when the GOP splits into two, and it *will* at some point, mark my words. There are some in the party who are getting sick of the "Tea Party" revolution, including the founder of the Tea Party, who now says his movement has morphed into something he no longer wants anything to do with... Other notables include former VP Dick Cheney, who says they need to stop with the anti-gay agenda, and former MN governor Arne Carlsson, who actually threw his support behind Obama in 2008, and was subsequently banned from speaking at future GOP functions.

So this is why we can't vote third-party this year. All it will do is take votes away from the liberals, who have been instrumental time and again on furthering civil rights, because the only people who would vote for a more progressive party, are people who wouldn't be voting GOP anyway.
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