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I notice pretty much the only things I post to my LJ any more are playlists for Revenge and DT20. Almost all of my actual blogging has been done on my Facebook. It used to be the longer entries would still get posted here, but now that I've been x-posting them to FB "Messages", I think it's time for me to admit that now, after over 10 years of LJ use, FB is now my primary soapbox, so to speak.

Does this mean I'm leaving LJ entirely? No, it just means you'll see less posts from me. Starting in 2012, the playlist postings will move to FB. The final playlist you'll see posted to my LJ will be the DT20 Top 50 of 2011.

I will still continue to use LJ for the following:
• Reading/commenting on friends' posts
• Posting longer original rants/writings (which will be x-posted from FB)
• Posting 'DJ Particle' news to LJ communities

Basically, my LJ will be more personal, and as such I will be removing the LJ widget from my website. All future 'DJ Particle' news will be Facebook or Community-only starting 1/1/12.

For those who don't like using FB, the "Less Than [X] Hours Left" posts reminding people to vote in the DT20 will move to the "dementiaradio" LJ Community. Playlists for my shows can also be found on my own website and MadMusic.com

However, if you do like Facebook, and haven't friended me yet, you can personally "friend" me here and/or professionally "like" me here. :) If you friend me though, let me know who you are on FB so I have an idea who you are.

Thanks! :)
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