Apr. 19th, 2012

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I'll be very blunt and very honest...

If you like any form of modern music, any at all, thank Dick Clark. Seriously. Without him, Rock would not have gotten popular acceptance, R&B wouldn't have gotten popular acceptance, and any form of music that has branched from those genres would never have existed.

There are those who would give Ed Sullivan part of that credit as well, but Ed Sullivan simply presented music acts. Dick Clark showed us that the average person could enjoy the music, could dance to it, and didn't have to feel ashamed about being a fan of Rock or R&B, forms of music that in 1957, were still being seen as shocking, rebellious, for "other" people. Dick Clark took those forms of music and told mainstream America it was okay. No, more than okay, it was great!

And Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" continued to preside over all the genres, sub-genres, and tangents that followed until 1989. He showed us folk rock, acid rock, funk, punk, disco, new romantic, new wave, and saw the talent in each song that played on the show. He never graded a song as completely good or bad, staying as neutral as a good DJ should.

...and he made us like it!

There were those who followed in Clark's shoes, from Casey Kasem in the 1970s, to Rick Dees in the 1980s, to Ryan Seacrest in the 21st Century, but as close as anyone came to him, no one could touch him.

Dick Clark always had his pulse on the youth of America, and it was more than his looks that earned him the title "The World's Oldest Teenager". He was always open to anything new, for he believed that as soon as you started closing yourself off to it, was when you truly started getting "old". It's a philosophy I follow myself, and that I try to urge others to follow as well.

I know Dick Clark did far more than just be a music presenter, but it was in music that he had the most profound influence on American culture, and IMHO, everyone from Bill Haley to Lady Gaga, and all their fans over the decades, and all the music acts yet to come, corporate or independent, owe him a deep gratitude.

Dick Clark said it was okay to be into good music. Dick Clark said it was okay to be into different music. Dick Clark said it was okay to be into socially-sensitive music...

...Dick Clark said it was okay to be into MUSIC. Period.

And for that, he will always be one of my greatest inspirations.

Thank you, Dick Clark. You will be missed.


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